How to install a Graphics Card

Installing a new graphics card is not a difficult process as long as you follow these steps.

1. If you are replacing an existing card (meaning pulling the old video card out of your system) you should remove the old card's drivers. If you are adding in a second card (leaving the current one in place) you can skip this step. The easiest way to remove the current software / drivers is to go into your control panel and click on Add / Remove Programs (just Programs in Vista) and remove any video card software you have (normally from Nvidia or ATI).

2. Power off your computer, and remote the old card (again, skip this if you are leaving the old one hooked up).

3. Physically install the new video card. This should not take an extreme amount of force, so just press the card in evenly and firmly, but not hard enough to break anything.

4. Turn on the computer - Windows should detect the new video card, and ask you for the drivers. Just use the disk provided by the manufacturer (or newer drivers off the internet if you'd like).

That's it, you're good to go!

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