Zotac IonITX Review

The Zotac IonITX is an HTPC builders dream come true. This is a small motherboard (and by small I mean very small), processor, video card, sound card, HDMI, networking and power supply all rolled into one. There are a couple of flavors - the stripped down IonITX-B-E is a great entry level, but I'd like to focus on the beefed up big brother, the IonITX-A-U. Here are the specs for the IonITX au:

Zotac IonITX

Zotac IonITX

Intel Atom 330 533MHz FSB
Nvidia Ion GPU
667-800MHz DDR2
3 SATA 3Gbps ports
1 eSATA 3Gps
10 USB
8 channel audio
10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
802.11b/g/n wireless
90W power supply

Now, this rig isn't going to let you play Far Cry 2 with all the settings cranked up (heck, you can't even play with the settings on minimum), but you can easily watch a Blu-Ray movie on this box, with it connected via HDMI to your huge Plasma TV, which is exactly what Zotac and Nvidia are going for. With this unit's fanless Atom processors, it will run whisper quiet all the time. This box truly is a HTPC builder's dream.

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